To change your Microsoft account's country or region, visit the Xbox account migration page, even if you do not have an Xbox, you can change your address at this site. But, before you do, there are some things that you should know first!

  • Moving to another country or region changes what currencies and payment options you can use, so make sure you update your billing account information after you move.
  • The money in your Microsoft account cannot be exchanged to other currencies, so you may need to spend it before you move or risk losing that money.
  • Your current subscriptions may not be available in the region you’re moving to, so your subscriptions may need to change or may be lost if no equivalent is available.
  • How apps, games, music, and video content is licensed varies by region and some restrictions may limit what content is available in your region.
  • Different devices, like Windows Phone, Xbox, and Windows, have different processes and limitations around moving to other regions and you should read about those prior to your move.

For more info on what happens when you change your account’s country or region, see Change the region of your Xbox LIVE account.

Note: Changing your account’s country or region can result in the loss of any money in your Microsoft account. We recommend that you use any money in your account prior to migration, especially if you are moving someplace that uses a different currency. Read more about Microsoft gift card Terms and Conditions.